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Delegation of Shanghai export back (free) the examination and approval authority for tax

Author:tongran      Time:2015/2/11      Hits:2146

Source: China Business Times
[dispatch of our newspaper Shanghai] in 2014, Shanghai tax departments to actively implement the export tax rebate policy, the export tax refund (Exemption) enjoy the qualification of enterprises reached 38000 households, the annual enjoy export tax rebate amount more than 65000000000 yuan. On this basis, in order to further promote the decentralization, speed up the transformation of government functions, strengthen the economic development of the foreign trade support, Shanghai city tax authorities recently decided, from January 1, 2015 onwards lowering export back (free) the examination and approval authority finds tax qualification, and the export tax rebate process optimize.
One is to reduce the approval hierarchy. Two is to shorten the time limit for examination and approval. Three is to deepen the online examination and approval. Four is to strengthen the follow-up management.
Another development: in 2014, the Shanghai tax department to complete the tax revenue 920790000000 yuan, a year-on-year growth of 11.7% (among them, the main value-added tax, consumption tax 265430000000 yuan 77580000000 yuan, 100180000000 yuan business tax, enterprise income tax 246010000000 yuan, 102150000000 yuan of personal income tax, stamp tax on securities transactions 32340000000 yuan), the completion of the export tax rebate of 65200000000 yuan, Shanghai innovation driven development, further promoting economic transformation and upgrading and sustainable improvement of social and livelihood, provide financial security and policy support.
Come one year, Shanghai tax department in front of the complicated and grim economic situation, adhere to the organization revenue principle, implement the steady growth, promoting reform, adjust the structure and improve people's livelihood tax policy; active service in China (Shanghai) the construction of the free trade zone to promote the test, with self characteristics, trade test area reflected tax characteristics with service the innovation measures of replicable characteristic; insist on deepening the reform of tax system, implement the policy of structural tax cuts as the overall situation of economic development, strengthen the important grasper tax income sustained and stable growth potential, the deepening of the camp to increase, the personal property tax and other major tax reform pilot, the effective implementation of the small micro enterprise tax exemption; focus on the transformation of government functions. Deepening the reform of tax administrative examination and approval system, and actively build the new model of tax collection and management, to accelerate the tax modernization, and play the role of tax service of Shanghai's economic and social development.

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