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applicable value added tax of zero rated taxable service refund (Exemption) of tax administration measures View Details

For the implementation of business tax VAT on the application of VAT taxable services zero rate policy, business Ministry of Finance agreed that the State Administration of taxation system of the "Circular of the State Administration of Taxation on releasing

What financial products exempt from tax? View Details

Now the Internet financial products emerge in an endless stream, then gains whether to pay personal income tax? The industry said, "balance treasure" the Internet financial products and related funds linked

The correct understanding of directly or indirectly held equity and View Details

the State Administration of Taxation on the issue concerning the enterprise income tax policies for the transfer of technologies of resident enterprises" (tax [2010]111) the fourth stipulation, the resident enterprise obtains from the transfer of technology directly or indirectly held equity and reached 100% of the related parties, does not enjoy the technology transfer deduction and exemption of enterprise income tax preferential policy.

Exemption of value-added tax shall also pay the additional urban construction tax and education fee View Details

Value added tax of a foreign production enterprises to implement the "refund" tax measures, but in 2012 by the national tax department official approval exemption of VAT is not included in the urban construction and maintenance tax and education surcharge levy scope.

Settlement: please pay attention to focus on "12 months" View Details

I found in the previous work, the settlement and payment, "the provisions of 12 months" very much. So, in the new year income tax declaration and tax work, what are the tax projects related to 12 months? The author has carried out the finishing on the, only for your reference.

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